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2018 Castello di Verrazzano Chianti Classico


Castello di Verrazzano is one of Tucany’s most visited wineries. All of the estate’s 105 acres under vine are farmed organically and were recently certified as such by the Italian government. Limestone rich soils, present in the south but unique to Verrazzano in the cooler, northern sector of Chianti Classico, produce a distinct style noted for its singular blend of muscularity and finesse.

ABV % = 14


    Chianti Classico

    Tuscany's beloved Chianti Classico region is best known for expressive wines made predominantly from Sangiovese. The region is graced with families making wine at a high level, with distinction based on house style and a diversity of soils. Three primary soils dominate: galestro, albarese, and clay are the tour de force of the region. The clay soils yield wines that are plush, pretty, elegant, and maybe see a little oak. The wines from galestro soils tend to be dark and earthy, yet elegant. The pure albarese soils create wines that can be powerful, brooding, earthy, and long-lived. Fruit from different soils are often blended to bring a unique spectrum of results. In terms of styles, Chianti Classico is aromatically complex and easy to enjoy. For more power and individuality, choose a Chianti Classico Riserva, which by law ages longer and typically has more oak influence. For highly individual expressions, seek out wines with the relatively new Gran Selezione indication on the label; these are special designated estate wines that represent the cream of the crop...literally.
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