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2019 Château Grand Village Bordeaux


Bordeaux Supérieur Château Grand Village, stewarded by the Guinaudeau’s since the 17th century is a true family affair; Sylvie and Jacques along with their son Baptiste and his wife Julie hand-tend the 40 acres of traditional Bordeaux varieties. A blend of predominantly Merlot with a touch of Cabernet Franc, this Right Bank wine sings of bright red berries with hints of dark chocolate and spice.

ABV % = 14.5

  • 16.5


Bordeaux is home to some of the greatest wines in the world, and also to some of the most accessible wines.

The left bank of Bordeaux is primarily gravel soil, with varying degrees of limestone, clay, and sand. North of the city of Bordeaux is the region known as the Médoc. The Médoc is famous for the villages, from north to south, called St. Estephe, Pauillac, St. Julien, and Margaux. The Médoc used to be the bottom of the river, until the Dutch came and drained the area to make way for the estuary to improve the shipping routes. Little did they know they would clear the path for amazing wines, thanks to the remaining soil. The Médoc is also home to all of the Bordeaux chateaux which were classified in 1855, save for one. The wines here are red only, and are made from primarily Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc. 

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