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2005 Jean-Luc Colombo St. Joseph Les Lauves


Innovation, passion, and dedication are what drives Jean-Luc, and Anne Colombo, whose contributions to Rhône Valley winemaking are unparalleled. This 2005 is at the perfect drinking age, full-bodied with soft tannins, hints of blackcurrant, leather, and oak. Best enjoyed alongside a game meat stew or chicken marsala.

ABV % = 13



Saint-Joseph is one of the most accessible of all the regions in the Northern Rhône. It is fairly large, compared to the others, and one of the main things which impacts the style of these wines is the geography of the land. Here Syrah is the only red grape allowed, along with a small percentage of the white grapes Marsanne and Roussanne. Part of the appellation is positioned on steep slopes, whereas the rest is on flatter land. Combine this with the granite soil of the area, and you can have powerful and earthy wines from the steep slopes, or soft and elegant wines from the flat areas. Both are great expressions of Syrah, with beautiful meatiness, cracked pepper, and aromas of violets.

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