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2007 J.M. Da Fonseca Periquita


Periquita is one of Portugal’s most famous wine brands, renowned for being Portugal’s first-ever bottled red wine. With a history that dates back to 1850, the J. M da Fonseca winery’s venerable, centuries-old history is reflected in the quality of their wines. Made from primarily grapes of the Castelão variety, this table wine has gained worldwide popularity with its fruity taste, balanced structure and smooth medium finish.

ABV % = 12.5



Sètubal is a peninsula in Southern Portugal famous for making some of the great wines in all of the country. The area is dominated by dry red wines, as well as sweet wines. The most famous wine in the region is Periquita. This is a Rhône-like red wine that has earth, elegance, and fruit. It is made with the indigenous Castelão grape, which is known locally as Periquita. The rare sandy soil makes for wines with plush fruit to balance out the earth which the grape has naturally. There are also famous sweet wines made here from Muscat, called Moscatel de Sètubal. These are typically aged in older barriques and take on a beautiful carmelized citrus note. This entire region is ancient, yet it is still growing with all the interest in the wines from here. These wines are truly an amazing value.

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