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2010 Planeta Merlot


The 2010 Merlot invites you to experience the allure and artistry of Sicilian winemaking. With its deep ruby hue, this wine captivates with seductive aromas of ripe red plums, dark cherries, and subtle hints of aromatic herbs, conjuring images of Sicilian hillsides in the sun. On the palate, it unveils a delightful symphony of flavors. Luscious blackberry, raspberry, and nuanced notes of vanilla and cocoa harmonize seamlessly, guided by velvety tannins and a supple structure that infuses depth and character. This Merlot offers a well-rounded and enduring finish, leaving traces of dark fruit and a touch of elegant oak. Whether paired with regional cuisine or savored as an homage to the island's bounty, it captures the very essence of Sicily, offering an authentic and memorable tasting experience.

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