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2011 Château de La Chaize Brouilly 375ml


Gamay is the name of the game, or grape, in the Brouilly appellation within Burgundy’s Beaujolais region. Château De La Chaize is one of the oldest, most historic, and largest estates in the region with 250 acres of vineyards. The wine is a beautiful light ruby color with notes of fresh red fruits balanced by lively acidity; this wine is lovely when served slightly chilled.

ABV % = 12.5



Brouilly is known as the powerhouse of the Beaujolais Cru. It is here where the Gamay variety is strongly influence by the granite soils that dominate the area. Granite is what gives many of the wines in the Rhône their power, and it impacts Gamay in a similar way. The wines here have richness like Syrah, but elegance and brightness more akin to Pinot Noir. Wines from Brouilly are amazing when young, but can also be incredible with age.

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