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2013 Domaine Belleville Rully 'Les Chauchoux'

Belleville's 'Les Chauchoux' presents itself with a radiant golden hue, foretelling the complexity within. The nose is a delightful interplay of orchard fruits, with ripe apple and pear taking center stage, accompanied by subtle floral undertones and a touch of toasted almond. On the palate, the wine unfolds a symphony of flavors, showcasing a perfect harmony between the refreshing acidity and a creamy texture. Nuanced minerality adds depth, and as the wine evolves, hints of citrus zest and gentle spiciness emerge. The finish is persistent, leaving traces of white peach and subtle minerality. 'Les Chauchoux' is a testament to meticulous winemaking, offering a captivating and versatile wine experience.

ABV % = 13



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