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2016 Dashwood Pinot Noir


For over 20 years, Dashwood has been producing wines that are true reflections of New Zealand's Marlborough region. The grapes benefit from a long growing season and Dashwood's commitment to sustainable farming techniques. Once in the cellar, traditional hand-plunging techniques are used during fermentation to maximize color extraction and soften the tannins. The result is a bold, fresh, elegant and balanced Pinot Noir. Dark cherry, plum and blackberry coulis blend harmoniously with soft, well integrated tannins.

ABV % = 13.5


Wairau Valley

The Wairau Valley is a sub-region of Marlborough on the northeast portion of New Zealand's South Island. Notably, it benefits from the region's greatest number of sunshine hours, which results in excellent ripeness in the Sauvignon Blanc and Pinor Noir grapes that dominate plantings. In a nod to the sun-drenched terrain, the indigenous Maori people refer to Wairau as "Kei puta te Wairau," which means "place with the hole in the roof."

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