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2016 Markgraf Von Baden Müller-Thurgau


Within Germany’s Baden region, Mueller-Thurgau is the second-most commonly planted grape (following Pinot Noir). Born in 1882 when Dr. Hermann Müller-Thurgau crossed Riesling with a table grape called Madeleine Royale, resulting in a grape that possessed the aromatic qualities of Riesling but ripened more reliably, well suited for Germany’s varied climate. Von Baden’s version is a beautiful iteration, a balanced freshness with a touch of minerality and notes of green apple and blackcurrant.

ABV % = 11.5



Baden is located in western Germany, just across the border from France's Alsace region. Baden makes powerful dry and off-dry Rieslings, and is also famous for its Pinot Noir wines. The climate is one of the warmest in Germany, which enables the Pinot to ripen fully and yield pretty, elegant red wines.

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