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2018 Planeta Frappato


Produced from the rare and exclusive Frappato grape, Planeta Frappato is a delightfully aromatic and approachable red wine. Grown only in Vittoria, Sicily, Frappato grapes thrive in the unique red, sandy soil of Cerasuolo and can withstand the substantial heat variations between day and night. This wine is characterized by a wide aromatic range consisting of elegant hints of flowers and cherry, along with soft tannins.

ABV % = 13

  • 93


Vittoria is located on the southeastern side of Sicily. It is most famous for the DOCG wine Cerasuolo di Vittoria, which is a blend of Nero d'Avola and Frappato grapes. The wines are named for "cerasa," "cherries" in Sicilian dialect, because the wines take on the flavors of ripe, fresh red cherries. A beautiful texture in the wine is the result of the red sandy soils in the area, which impart richness in the fruit, contrasted by a pleasant tartness from iron elements.

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