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2018 Trimbach Grand Cru Brand Riesling


Elevate your senses with Trimbach's Grand Cru Brand, a wine that encapsulates the pinnacle of Alsace's terroir. In the glass, it glimmers with a radiant golden hue, inviting you into a world of fragrant complexity. On the nose, a harmonious bouquet unfolds, with vibrant notes of white peach, ripe apricot, and delicate hints of honeyed florals, paying homage to the region's rich history. The palate offers a symphony of flavors that dance gracefully. Crisp green apple, zesty citrus, and layers of minerality intermingle with precision, showcasing the true essence of the Brand vineyard. The wine's impeccable balance and laser-like acidity create a refreshing and structured profile, leading to a profound, lingering finish. Here, echoes of orchard fruits and a subtle, flinty character leave an indelible mark. Whether paired with Alsatian cuisine or savored on its own, this Riesling offers a profound journey through the vineyard's heritage and the excellence of Trimbach.

ABV % = 14



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