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2020 Domaine Goisot Saint-Bris 'Corps de Garde'


The Goisot Saint-Bris 'Corps de Garde' invites you to savor the purity and character of Sauvignon Blanc, a varietal cherished in this region. In the glass, it shines with a pale golden hue, akin to a sunlit vineyard in the early morning. On the nose, captivating aromas of ripe citrus, white peach, and a hint of flint create a bouquet that mirrors the elegance of the region. With each sip, the palate is greeted by a delightful array of flavors. Zesty lemon, crisp green apple, and subtle notes of white flowers harmonize gracefully, guided by a refreshing acidity that imparts liveliness to each sip. This Saint-Bris' well-structured profile leads to a crisp, invigorating finish, leaving traces of citrus zest and a touch of minerality. Whether paired with seafood or enjoyed as an aperitif, it captures the essence of Saint-Bris, offering a taste of Burgundy's terroir and tradition.

ABV % = 12.7

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