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2020 Jean-Philippe Fichet Bourgogne Rouge


In the glass, it unveils a translucent ruby hue, offering a glimpse into the purity within. The nose is an enchanting melange of red cherries, wild strawberries, and a delicate hint of forest floor, capturing the very soul of Pinot Noir. As it dances on the palate, the Bourgogne Rouge reveals a harmony of flavors. Bright red fruit notes, including raspberry and cranberry, intertwine with subtle hints of dried herbs and a touch of spice. Silky tannins provide a gentle structure, while a vibrant acidity adds a refreshing lift. The finish is lingering, leaving impressions of elegance and a whisper of Burgundian earth. The Jean-Philippe Fichet Bourgogne Rouge is a poetic Pinot Noir—a wine that speaks of the storied landscapes and traditions of this iconic French winemaking region.

ABV % = 14

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