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4 - 750ml available

2020 Jérôme Chezeaux Bourgongne Pinot Noir


In the embrace of Burgundy's terroir, Jérôme Chezeaux presents the 2020 Bourgogne—a wine that offers a delightful introduction to the craftsmanship of this esteemed winemaker. Pouring into the glass with a bright ruby hue, the wine invites exploration. The nose is a charming medley of red berries, with notes of raspberry and cranberry dancing alongside a subtle hint of violet. On the palate, the Bourgogne 2020 unfolds with grace, showcasing the purity of fruit and a lively acidity. Red cherries dominate, complemented by a touch of earthiness, creating a harmonious balance. Silky tannins add to the wine's accessibility, making it an ideal choice for both enthusiasts and those new to Burgundian wines. The finish is clean and inviting, leaving a lasting impression of Burgundy's inherent charm. This 2020 Bourgogne is a testament to the elegance that can be found in the simplest expressions of this iconic wine region.

ABV % = 14.5

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