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3 - 750ml available

2020 Jérôme Chezeaux Nuits-Saint-Georges 1er Cru 'Rue de Chaux'


In the hallowed vineyards of Nuits-Saint-Georges, Jérôme Chezeaux crafts a Premier Cru that speaks to the soul of this revered appellation. As the wine cascades into the glass with a deep ruby allure, the senses are immediately engaged. The nose is an intricate blend of red currants, black cherries, and a delicate touch of floral notes that waft through the air. On the palate, Rue de Chaux reveals its pedigree—a complex interplay of ripe fruit, subtle earthiness, and a hint of black pepper. Silky tannins lend elegance, while a well-defined structure promises longevity. The finish is enduring, leaving echoes of dark chocolate and a subtle spice. Jérôme Chezeaux's Rue de Chaux is a Nuits-Saint-Georges marvel, a vinous journey through the nuanced tapestry of this Premier Cru.

ABV % = 14.5

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