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5 - 750ml available

2021 Naturale Vermouth Rosso

Crafted with precision and a nod to tradition, the Naturale Vermouth Rosso emerges as a harmonious dance of flavors and aromas. In the glass, this Vermouth reveals a rich, mahogany hue, inviting the senses on a sensory journey. The nose is a captivating bouquet of warm spices, dried orange peel, and a hint of floral notes, creating an intricate aromatic tapestry. On the palate, the Vermouth Rosso unfolds with a luscious blend of botanicals. A core of wormwood and gentian is complemented by layers of red berries, anise, and a subtle herbal bitterness. The mouthfeel is silky and refined, with a touch of sweetness balancing the herbal complexity. The finish is enduring, leaving an echo of dried herbs and a gentle warmth. The 2021 Rosso is a masterful expression of botanical elegance, a Vermouth that invites contemplation and enjoyment in every sip.

ABV % = 16

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