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Cantina di Soliera Lambrusco di Salamino Santa Croce DOC


Dive into the effervescent world of Cantina di Soliera's Santa Croce, a lambrusco that epitomizes the spirited essence of Emilia-Romagna. In the glass, it reveals a deep, ruby-red hue, like a tapestry woven with the colors of tradition. On the nose, alluring scents of dark cherries and blackberries intertwine, creating an aromatic profile that mirrors the heart of Salamino Santa Croce. As you sip, the palate is greeted by a symphony of flavors. Juicy plum, ripe blackberry, and hints of blackcurrant dance harmoniously, framed by a subtle touch of earthiness. The wine's vibrant effervescence energizes the taste buds, offering a refreshing and celebratory experience. Well-balanced acidity and a gentle sweetness lead to a clean, lively finish, leaving a trail of dark fruit and a touch of rustic charm.

ABV % = 10

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