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World Wine Guys - Red Wine Guide and 3 Pack


Discover the world of red wine with the World Wine Guys Red Wine Guide, accompanied by an exceptional 3-pack featuring some of the finest reds from across the globe. Each wine has been carefully selected by Mike & Jeff, ensuring a journey through diverse terroirs, grape varieties, and winemaking styles. The guide provides insightful tasting notes, food pairing suggestions, and stories from behind the scenes, making it an ideal gift for wine enthusiasts or a splendid addition to your own collection. Embrace the opportunity to savor and explore with this distinguished red wine 3-pack.

Wines included in the pack (1 bottle of each):

2017 Travaglini Gattinara Riserva

2018 Los Vascos Le Dix

2019 La Jota Howell Mountain Merlot

Shipping Included

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ABV % = 13

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